It has been a busy period for me, almost missed out on this pot. Aside from trying to finalise my writing, the projects at work are also demanding more and more time.

On the sunny side, I finally got solar panels installed in my home. I can now boast of contributing to the reduction of climate change.

But this is probably not what you want to hear me talk about now. Shall we dive into today’s post? As we continue on the different types of stories.

The Comedy

During my last masterclass, I told them the story of me carrying my new bride up the stairs. Sorry, you had to be there to get the joke. Not to worry, I plan to host it online as a free masterclass.

But this is the simplest of the story types and yet the most difficult. In my trainings, I encourage my students not to go telling jokes. This is because unless you’re a comedian, jokes can become offensive to some in your audience.

You can however always tell a funny story. Brilliant part about a funny story is that if you get a laugh, Nice and if not you still told your tale.

Tell us how you overcame an adversity and help us see the fun in it.

The Tragedy

The obvious opposite of comedy. This has as a goal to show the hero as an individual with issues. Here you want to evoke empathy or pity in your audience. This has the added effect of increasing the trust between you and them.

I was once in a workshop trying to share a tragedy with the audience. That turned out to be one of the most difficult stories I have ever told. Why? Well, because the powerful part of this tale is the raw emotions that can pour out. I will record that tale and share it with you.

If you’re the hero of this story, it is important to practice the tale as much as possible. I say as much as possible because if it is real, you wouldn’t want to put yourself through that much pain. But to make sure you can tell it well, be ready for it.

The Rebirth

I remember when I first watched Groundhog day. I say First because this is one of those movies I can watch several times without tiring. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it -there are also some good laughs.

Rebirth is about a protagonist who undergoes a significant change in behaviour due to an event. So, in the movie, our difficult hero – Phil is stuck in the same terrible day in a place he hated. Initially, Phil decided to do horrible things since there can be no consequences. What would YOU do if there were no consequences of your actions? As time went on, he had a change heart and that was the rebirth.

This is a powerful story type to use and inspire people for change. If you’re able to show them a transformation and more importantly, how the rebirth improved your lifestyle or future. Phil ended up ‘getting the girl’ and also finding a home in a positive outlook to life.

Whichever story type you choose should reflect the goal of your talk. Not just the goal, but also the emotions you desire to see in your audience.