As the summer draws to a close (I also ask myself which summer), it is a good time to reflect on what has been in the year so far. I wonder what that means for you?

For me, that means looking back at some of the activities which I had lined up for the year and taking stock. That is also part of what I want to ask you. How would you rate your learnings from me this past year? Has there been any benefit to you of getting these emails? I would appreciate a reply – well, you can also think it and I will peep inside your mind to get the thoughts out 😆.

To give you a peek into my own mind with my reflections – publisher for The Leader’s Tale (), online trainings on storytelling (), Couple’s Counsel (/), feedback from mailing list () etc. I am sure you’re now glad not to be in my mind, right?


But aside from the fun stuff of allowing my mind to assess how the year is going, I realized that being locked up at home due to all the COVID restrictions has had a not so nice effect on my weight. This led me to start off learning how to become fit again and shed a few kilos. And in that quest, I found something to share with you this week.

New Start

One of my favourite people in the Toastmasters club where I used to attend was telling me once of the fact that he cycles to work daily. Now, this was regardless of the weather and I thought he needed to cycle about 45 minutes. I remember this because there was once a snowy day and even driving was not fun. When I spoke to him, I still remember him not being happy – but that was because he couldn’t cycle that day. If I remember correctly, his wife forced him to drive.

Why am I telling you about him? Well, he probably wouldn’t remember this but the start of something new is ALWAYS a difficult one. There’s the part of your mind wondering if you have finally gone crazy. But also your body is not used to the activity so it resists as much as possible.

So, getting into the summer, I had decided to shed at least 4kg. Maybe for you that is easy to do, but this was maybe the first time I made a decision to get rid of excess kilos. But, I couldn’t use a gym (I don’t like going to the gym anyway). I needed to find a different way of getting rid of this weight. That wasn’t easy – coming up with an activity, but also getting my mind and body to agree to do it and be disciplined in it.

Does this sound like getting up to speak or tell a story if you haven’t been doing that?

Repeated Start

Having finally started a 30 minute jogging on the spot, I saw the weight drop off slowly but surely. I was so excited to meet (and now surpass) my target. I think the best for me now is that I just enjoy using this time to clear my head but also work my body.

Then I encountered something very weird. Every day, when I start, the first few minutes remains a bit difficult. I just feel like giving up but after those few minutes, the fun begins and I find it harder to stop (then I look at the watch and think of time to get to work).

I was surprised to find out that this is a known phenomenon when it comes to early fatigue syndrome. On the other hand, when I started to think, it makes sense. In physics, we were taught that a body at rest wants to remain at rest – so you need to put in energy to get it moving.

Start Powerfully

This right here is why the beginning of your story is most important. You need to start in a way as not to quickly lose their interest but also get yourself moving. Rehearse your start until it becomes a part of you, then rehearse it some more.

After beginning, you may notice that you’re losing confidence or wondering if the audience are paying attention or forgetting what you want to say. This is the moment to POWER THROGH! It is key to draw energy from how well you’ve started, focus on the object of your story and let it flow.

I wonder – have you also encountered early fatigue syndrome? How do you deal with it?