Let’s dive directly into the post today. I have recently been working at improving my brand story and wanted to share the methodology with you. Before going into the methods, someone asked me why he needs a brand story. Well, so long as you have services which are for sale, or you want to convince someone to buy into your personal brand, it helps to create a clear brand story. To keep this post short enough, I will be continuing on this with the last part next time. If you would like us to work with you in creating or telling your brand story, just hit the CONTACT BUTTON now!

Brand Hero

Every story has a hero, the individual who has an objective and needs to go through certain obstacles to get there. Think about whatever your favourite story is and you can clearly identify the hero by what they are going through and how they end up achieving their goal.

Let’s assume you have a concrete product/service which you offer, the best hero for this story is someone your (potential) clients can relate with. Why not showcase one of your satisfied clients? In this, all you have to do is tell the story of this client. What was their goal? What were the challenges they faced on the way? How did they overcome it.

Just as an example, here is a simple brand story from one of my favourite car brands – HERE. The young man wanted to go for his date against all odds. You can see how the road and snow wanted to prevent him from this date and yet you can also see how it ends with him opening the door for her to walk inside.

If the brand story is personal, you are the hero. In the same way as above, show us the challenges you needed to overcome on your way to becoming the person you are today. It could be how you left home to go and study in a far away country all alone. Whatever the adversities are that you have faced, use them to show us how the hero emerged.

Emotional Connection

Hopefully with all my emails, you have realized the importance of having a good connection with your audience. Only having a good connection makes it possible for the audience to hear you, buy into what you are saying and take the step you want them to take.

In the simplest form, others can only invest emotionally if you lead the way by doing the same. This means you daring to show yourself vulnerable and allowing the emotions to come through. It would be incongruent if you are telling us about the adversities you faced and the entire time, you are laughing and rejoicing. By showing them these emotions, they also can invest in the same to connect better with you.

Another example, from one of my favourite furniture companies – HERE. What makes this a great brand story, you will feel an emotional tug at watching the lamp in the rain. Now, the man is fully correct, how can you be feeling bad for a lamp which has no emotions? (Disclaimer, Ikea later updated the advert to encourage reuse and thus sustainability).

If you want people to buy your product/service or just that you want to get through an interview successfully, work on developing your brand. The best part is having been following these emails for a while now, you know how to tell the story. Now, you just need to know how to create this special story  (you don’t want to miss out on the upcoming email).

Do you already have a brand story? Or are you now getting ready to build one? I look forward to hearing from you.