Here’s the full story

Ikenna Ngene lives for a good story.

Having grown up listening to stories of how cunning the tortoise is and being taught morals via stories, he has developed into a renowned storyteller. This path hasn’t been easy though, the first time he was to give a presentaion, shakism reared its head. Unable to articulate the words, he froze wishing the ground could open up and swallow him (so, you’re not alone when it comes to fear of speaking). This was strange for one who grew up with a vivid imagination, always forming and developing new stories.

It was however, after losing his job as a plant manager that he realized the hidden potential of his stories and how to use this and impact the lives of others. And even then it still took a short gestation period for him to find his true calling as not only a storyteller, but one who works with others to find stories within them.

The only way to improve in life is to see and dare to change what is needed to grow is his mantra. Ikenna Ngene moved to the Netherlands from Enugu, Nigeria and became a Dr. in engineering (yep a geek). Passionate about helping people, teams and organizations improve and grow, he also realizes that the change starts within.

Today, Ikenna is not only able to deliver motivational stories but he currently trains others on how to bring out the stories within them. Ikenna continues to see the potential in others and enjoys helping them to see this potential and bring it out.

When he’s not working at improving people, teams or organizations, Ikenna is teaching in his local church.

In his “free” time, he’s doing the most important and difficult of them all – working with his wife to care for 2 boys (yes, it’s work). In all, with humorous storytelling, he is changing the world starting from his community.