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Handsy Speaking

I was chatting away with a friend recently and I was telling him the sweating process which I was going through to figure out a topic to share with you in this post. Maybe it [...]

Story Characters

In my last post, I focused on looking at different speakers and some of the effects they can have on people. Based on the effect, you can see their impact on people which begs the [...]

Worth a Listen?

In the last post, I introduced the essence of telling stories. We all have opportunities every day to make a difference by sharing our stories to lead, enhance trust and distinguish ourselves. With this post, [...]

Why Tell Tales?

As the weather has been changing in different parts of the world, the virus that causes COVID-19 has been multiplying. This is one of those times that reminds me of my study days and learning [...]

Your Brand, Your Story!

Before going into what I wanted to share with you today, may I ask a question? As part of the book which I sent you an excerpt from some weeks back, I have developed a [...]

Harvests from words

Before this last post, a couple of you had given me some great feedback regarding these mails (I must admit, wasn’t sure anybody really reads them). Thanks for that, it pleases the heart to know [...]

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