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Your Brand Story I

Let's dive directly into the post today. I have recently been working at improving my brand story and wanted to share the methodology with you. Before going into the methods, someone asked me why he [...]

Powering Through

As the summer draws to a close (I also ask myself which summer), it is a good time to reflect on what has been in the year so far. I wonder what that means for [...]

The Art of Rehearsing

Did you know that there is an art and benefit to repetition? Why Rehearse? I received an eye-opening feedback after my MasterClass session. 'Ikenna, you are not as fluent as you would normally be'. This [...]

Mapping Your Speech

A colleague asked me the other day after seeing my LinkedIn post - "Ikenna, how do you find time to write all these books?" By the way, she asked this not knowing that I have [...]

Which Story to Tell

It has been a busy period for me, almost missed out on this pot. Aside from trying to finalise my writing, the projects at work are also demanding more and more time. On the sunny [...]

40 Storytelling Tips

This is one of those posts which I have always wanted to put together. I hope you get as much learnings from them as I have over time. Why 40 points? So that I have [...]

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