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Musings and Stories

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Sowing in Speaking

I remember my first time pretending to be a farmer. This was probably when I was about 6 or 7 years did. We had this small garden at the back of my father's house where [...]

The Story Mine!

In one of my previous emails The Matryoshka of Stories, one of the points mentioned is that you need to collect and document your stories. I mentioned one of the avenues from which you can [...]

Mirroring or Mimicking?

I once heard it told by a father of his experience during a drive with the family. They were going down the road and he needed to spit out some saliva while driving. Rolling down [...]

Let’s Prop It Up

In the post Impromptu I mentioned the I see something in you speech. One of the factors that made it such a memorable speech was the use of a rose. This object not only holds [...]

The Matryoshka of Stories

I recently started watching a TV Series on Netflix - The 100. When I first saw the trailer and read the short description, I wasn’t convinced. To me, it looked like a teenagers show and [...]

Impromptu Speech

Last email, we looked at practicing to become amazing. Again looking at baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.,who went on a run of 2632 consecutive games. We also looked at moving from sprint races of [...]

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