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Which Story?

Last time we began looking at the different types of stories which one could tell. One of the questions which i typically get in these is; what is the difference between one type and another? [...]

Which Story, When?

Let's jump into today's post. I was discussing with one of my colleagues about a presentation she was preparing for. And she wanted tips on how to find stories which could be used in her [...]

Mirror to Anticipate

I had to give a short storytelling workshop last week for my colleagues. Before getting into the topic for this post, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, giving them a flavour of what you should do with [...]

Dump the Crutch

I got another question from my mail of last week. The best part for me with these queries is that I don't have to think about what to write. So please feel free to ask [...]

Keeping the flow

"Ikenna, how do I stop using crutch words while presenting?" That is one of the questions I get a lot. Before I lose you, let me explain what we mean by crutch words. Have you [...]

Which story fits?

"Ikenna, how do you find which tales to tell? Honestly, nothing this interesting and noteworthy ever happens to me." This was a question I once received from someone who had heard me speaking, let's call [...]

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